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Pavel Grumpy Šimerda

Grumpy's menu #

My job is to dig into software engineering and integration problems. I develop, debug and troubleshoot operating systems, embedded software, network communication and hardware equipment. My background is operating systems development and network protocols.

Your projects can benefit from my services when you work with embedded hardware and want to run Linux and other suitable operating systems. I can help you with parallel programming safety and performance or guide your programmers when they learn new tools and ecosystems.

Software development #

I work with programming languages suitable for systems and embedded development. You can ask me to look into your C, C++ and Rust projects. We can also cooperate if you use higher languages like MicroPython or the UNIX shell.

My work on your projects will be delivered in a way that you can ensure continuity with your own in-house developers. I can help you start new projects or integrate your existing project with Linux and other embedded ecosystems. We can also make backend applications to integrate the embedded part with the cloud part.

Training #

Another option is to prepare a custom training session for your developers. I can offer you a broad range of training services. Here are some of the prominent training topics I provide.

Programming languages:

Development platforms:

Maintainance and debugging:

Individual consulting #

Some topics require a closer look that can be done in a pre-cooked training session. What I offer is that I visit your company regularly, gather information, prepare solutions and present the possible options, tools and approaches to your developers.