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Pavel Grumpy Šimerda

About Grumpy #

Freelance programmer with a systems development background. Bringing safety practices and productivity to engineering companies. Advocating the usage of Rust in safety-critical industries. Training anyone from young children through software engineering students to seasoned developers.

In the past I worked with Red Hat and later SUSE to improve the Linux networking ecosystem. I got involved in various networking and security projects. Over time, I moved more towards the embedded ecosystems.

Software companies #

I work with various companies of different sizes, many of them in various industries that rely on embedded software to drive their products. You can look at the services section of this website. I am open to meeting new people and see what interesting projects they have to show.

We can talk, we can discuss and then we can see whether it makes sense to work together or just stay in contact. I've been available as a freelancer and individual contributor since 2008. I had five year pause between 2012 and 2017 due to my employment contract Since then I've been back to business and available for my customers. You can meet me at various conferences and events.

Education #

I work with several schools and volunteer in a project called Den pro školu to help students see how things are done out there outside their school in the industry. Teachers can ask me for cunsultation about teaching mathematics and computer science.

There's a Rust course at the Prague University that I created and started teaching in 2021. However, I also work with young children in a Montessori school in occasional computer science lessons. You can see that I'm not afraid to work with any age and any level of expertise.

Soft skills #

Since 2021 there was a need to grow not just on the technical level. I started getting involved in my friend's negotiation training project. We have a negotiation club in Prague and in March 2023 we had the very first NegotiCON international negotiation conference. Our guests included, among other, ex-FBI negotiators Gary Noesner, Scott Tilemma and Phil Andrews.

Later, in October 2023, I attended the very first crisis negotiation training for public by Adam Dolník and Karel Pošíval in Poděbrady. I believe that inter-personal communication and negotiation skills are a perfect addition to a programmer's world. Contact me if you have any questions about Mastery Clubs and NegotiCON.